Adina's 9 Month Update!

It’s July 26 and that means Adina has been outside in the world as long as she was on the inside my belly! Every month I find myself wondering how she got to be a month older. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time. Below are some of my favorite moments, memories, and milestones from the last month:

-The day after I posted her 8 month update, she cut her first two teeth (on the bottom) and last week, her two top teeth started coming through too! No wonder she is still sticking any and everything in her mouth. 

-This month she has had some major separation anxiety, wanting to be held by me all the time, and getting upset when I exit the room. Some days I just need a second to regroup, and to remind myself that this too will pass, but I don’t really mind all of the extra cuddles. It seems like it’s getting a little bit better in the past few days, but for a week or so it was intense!

-First real shopping trip with Grandma Charlotte. Visit to NJ with aunts and cousins 

-NYC Fun: Yellow pinwheel Connective Project in Prospect Park + Weekend in Dumbo

-She is wearing 12 month old clothes and weighs over 20 lbs - slow down!

-She’s gotten pretty squirmy when I feed her and she grabs onto her feet and stretches them all over the place. I call it her “wandering foot.” She also loves to put her hands in my mouth and pull on my nose and hair.

-Adina is not quite crawling, but she’s gotten very efficient at scooting around on her belly and back - close to an army crawl. She discovered how to move around on her back (kind of looks like the back stroke without the arms) and it’s hilarious.

-Most of the time, she is super smiley, flashing smiles at strangers and friends alike. I just love her four little teeth when she smiles!

-Her first up-close encounter with a puppy at our friend Sarah's Foster Dogs NYC event! So sweet! (below images from Real Happy Kids Photography)

-She’s transitioned from 3 naps to 2 naps a day. In the beginning of the month, she was having super early wake ups (before 6 am) but lately it’s gone back to 7 am - thank goodness! 

-We took Adina to Fire Island for the first time over July 4 weekend. She’s already been back twice since then - she’s become a pro at riding the ferry!

-The way she wants to drink out of my water bottle when I do and opens her mouth wide for me to feed her water

-The cute way she crosses her legs

-She’s a really great eater - she’s started to grunt if I don’t feed her quick enough. We just started on finger foods and she loves egg yolks, berries, avocado, carrots, and pretty much anything I put on her tray.

Looking forward to some more fun stuff coming up this month, starting with celebrating her grandpa’s birthday this weekend and attending her first baby shower for our cousin!