Adina's 8 Month Update!

I know I say this every month, but this month was my favorite with Adina Lila! She’s turning into such a little person - it just amazes me how quickly babies grow! Everyday with her is my favorite (insert barf emoji here!) but below are some of my top favorite memories from this past month:

-She started saying “mama” last week and now she says it all the time. It’s about time since she started saying “dada” last month! She’s chatting up a storm with “gagaga” and “bababa” too.

-Adina sits up on her own for and is happy playing with her toys for longer stretches. It’s amazing to see how engaged she becomes in small things. She tries to sit up from a lying position and it looks like a baby crunch ;)

-She started waving this month and it’s the cutest! We welcome Michael at the door when he comes home from work everyday with a big gummy smile (still no teeth!) and lots of excited waves!

-Adina is such a food lover - she’ll eat almost anything we give her. This month she tried peach, lychee, Bamba peanut butter puffs, and even caviar (#RussianBaby.) Dislikes: Beets

-She pats my back while I’m burping her, like she is burping me - it’s the cutest thing!

-We traveled to Boston for a week! Adina’s first big road trip and the longest time she’s slept away from home.

-We celebrated Michael’s first Father’s Day by going to a local street fair and having a fun day in the neighborhood.

-We celebrated both of her great-grandmothers’ birthdays this month!

-Her voice is high-pitched and she’s been experimenting with volume (boy, can she get loud!) She is ticklish on her thighs and under her arms - it’s so cute to see her giggle.

-She’s a squirmy girl who is so close to crawling. I guess we should start baby proofing!

It feels like time is flying by! Looking forward to making more memories with her this month - I can’t wait to take her to Fire Island for the first time and to watch fireworks on the 4th of July!

Here are some of my favorite products from this month: