Maternity Photos

While I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to have professional newborn photos taken once Adina was born. After researching different newborn photographers, I came across Faryl Loew Photography and instantly knew I wanted to work with her. I loved how her style combined natural, candid lifestyle shots and posed photos of baby. Faryl specializes in newborn and family photography but she also does maternity photography. Although I hadn’t planned to have professional photos taken while I was pregnant, once I saw Faryl’s work, I thought this would be a really cool way to capture this special time!

When we were trying to pick a date to take the photos, I knew I wanted to wait until my third trimester so I could really show off my bump. But I didn’t want to do them too close to my due date since I was already getting pretty "large and in charge" and didn’t want to feel too bloated or swollen in the pictures. We ended up going with a weekday since Faryl was booked on weekends and chose September 21, which happened to be our second wedding anniversary! This was such a fun way for us to celebrate our anniversary and got me even more excited for baby’s arrival.

Faryl brought a few beautiful maternity gowns and a flower crown for me to wear - I totally felt like a model! I also brought along one of my own dresses that I wore to my baby shower. Michael met me after work in Central Park and we managed to catch the golden hour right before the sunset. We took a bunch of photos in the park and even got a few shots in the busy NYC streets - Michael was such a good sport, keeping an eye on the traffic lights to make sure Faryl and I didn’t get hit by a car! 

These maternity photos are so special and I already love looking back on them and remembering that time, just weeks before Adina was born and our lives changed forever. Thank you Faryl for capturing these beautiful images! I’ll cherish them forever.

Love, Ariel

Photos by Faryl Loew Photography