Adina's 10 Month Update!

Over the weekend, Adina turned 10 months old. In two months, she is going to be one! She is becoming such a big girl and her personality is shining through more than ever! She laughs along with conversations now, like she’s a part of them, and is just generally more of a human being! I stare at her most days, amazed that a person can physically be as cute as she is. How is she real?!! 

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

She’s saying mama, dada, and baba and she seems like she is starting to understand a bit of what is said to her. But she mostly vocalizes in grunts and shrieks like a little dragon. She still doesn’t really crawl, but she’s taken more interest in popping her knees under herself, and pulling up a bit. She is still very content to sit in the same place for minutes at a time, and will roll to where she wants to go until she is within arm’s reach of her goal. It’s tough to not constantly compare her to other babies her age who are super mobile and crawling all over the place, but I know she will get there on her own time (and selfishly, I know once she’s fully on the move, she’ll seem way more grown up than she already does so I’m happy to only have partial mobility!) She loves splashing in water and has become so much more cuddly, giving us lots of hugs and cuddles!

Below are some of my favorite moments and memories from the past month:

-She wants to feed herself most of the time and is not interested in eating pureed foods from a spoon anymore

-Fun at sing-a-longs with her baby friends

-Visit with our west coast besties Natalie and Noah in NJ

-Celebrating our cousin Sam at his high school graduation party

-Fun play date with our cousins Stella and Leo in NJ

-Celebrating grandpa’s birthday in Longmeadow

-Shopping (and working) at the Park Slope Food Coop with Aunt Jess

-Watching the eclipse, going to the Brighton Beach Jubilee, exploring new parts of Brooklyn

-She started wearing her amber necklace, which possesses energetic healing properties to help with teething pain

-Seeing her face light up when she sees her papa come home from work

-Traveling to Boston for our cousin Milana’s baby shower

-Trying to feed us/share her food with us

-She’s been clapping up a storm! Whenever someone claps, she gets so excited and joins in. She’s also started making the kissing sound when we kiss her.

Excited for more fun coming up this month, starting with Labor Day Weekend in MA and celebrating the Jewish high holidays in a few weeks!

*Professional photos by the talented Pardomas Photography