Fall Family Photos

I think it’s safe to say that this past year was one of the fastest ones of my life! Once you have a child, I feel like the way you measure time changes….ever since Adina was born, I view a month or a year so differently. I often hear other people share that they wish they could freeze time or make time slow down or stand still. I feel the same way! My growing toddler was just a squishy newborn a few months ago - how has time flown by so fast?! Well sadly I can’t freeze time, but I can try to savor and capture these moments as much as I can now. I snap pictures and videos everyday on my phone, but this fall we had professional family photos taken and I love how they turned out!

image1 (1).jpeg

Remember picture day at school every year? As cheesy as those photos were (at least mine were with the laser lights backdrop!), there was something special about having professional photos taken. Sure, it was nice to share the wallet size with grandma and grandpa, but it was also a great way to mark the passing of time and see the pictures from year to year. When Adina was born Faryl Loew took beautiful photos of her as a newborn, which I will cherish forever. Our first photos as a family of three. Almost exactly a year later, around Adina’s first birthday, we met with Faryl again and she captured the most beautiful images.

Shooting with Faryl brought me back to Adina’s newborn shoot last fall when she was only 8 days old, all sleepy and bundled up. At our family photos this year, Adina was standing, jumping, walking, and all smiles! The setting was gorgeous, with the perfect fall foliage. We had so much fun taking the photos and playing with different poses.

My favorite shots are the ones lifting Adina in the air and holding hands while she tries to walk. I love seeing the joy on her face! I’m excited for our future family photos and to look back on these and see how much Adina has grown and how we’ve grown as a family. Although I can’t stop time from passing, I know these photos will help me hold on to this special time in our lives.