Easy Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

Adina is officially back to school and that means I am officially back to preparing her lunches everyday. We got this new lunchbox for her in May (it only took me nearly 9 months of her going to preschool to get a real lunchbox) and used it for the last month of school and during the summer when Adina was at camp and it was a huge hit! Not only did she love her colorful bento-style lunchbox, but it actually made making her lunch a lot easier for me! 


Adina’s preschool is kosher so I have to pack meat-free lunches for her. I have come up with some great vegetarian options that are toddler-approved! My friend Marion of My Jewish Mommy Life uses a similar lunchbox for her son Max (who is only a few weeks older than Adina.) One of the biggest things we love about our bento-style lunchboxes are the built-in compartments to portion out the food. Making lunch has never been easier! 

Here’s my tried and true lunch “formula”:

  • Protein

  • Grain/snack

  • Dairy

  • Fruit 

  • Veggie 

  • Bonus treat

Everyday I just do a variation of this formula and it takes the stress out of planning and packing lunches. Marion and I teamed up to bring you 6 easy and healthy meal ideas for your toddler:

  1. Two hardboiled eggs, cheddar bunny tails, cheese stick, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, almonds

  2. Tricolor cheese tortellinis, wheat thins, Made Good granola bar, sliced strawberries, cucumber strips, hummus, 

  3. PB+J sandwich bites, pretzel crisps, yogurt pouch, apple slices, broccoli florets, freeze dried strawberries

  4. Everything bagel pretzels, cheese slices, apple chips, tangerine, cucumber slice, fruit snacks, ThinkKids bar

  5. Rainbow pasta w/ margarine, scrambled eggs, watermelon slices, Lara Bar kids

  6. Ditalini pasta w/ margarine, sliced apples, sliced red bell peppers, banana chocolate chip mini muffin, piece of ThinkKids bar

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for packing lunches this school year! Marion and I actually filmed a YouTube video with these meals so you can see how we put them together. Click here to watch the full video on her channel! I’ll continue to share my lunch ideas over on my Instagram stories each week, so make sure you’re following along. You can also check out my “Lunch Time” highlights to see past meals. Bon Apetit! Or as we say in Hebrew - B’te’avon!