Chatbooks: A Photo Printing Service I Love!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love photos! I love taking pictures both of special occasions and everyday moments. It is so much fun for me to look back at memories from over the years. With the accessibility and popularity of smart phones, taking photos has never been easier! Which is great for people like me - the only issue is where to put all of these images! My phone only has a limited amount of storage to house all of these pictures. Plus, there is something I like about looking at an actual photograph or photo album rather than just scrolling through the camera roll on my phone. Since Adina was born 2 years ago, the amount of pictures I started taking multiplied exponentially! I had the hardest time deleting pictures of her (even if I had 5 images that were almost identical to each other with only slight variances) - I'm sure other new parents can relate ;) I needed a solution to my picture problem....


Enter Chatbooks! It's an app that allows you to print photos, albums, and cards straight from your phone. No uploading pictures to a third party website or spending tons of time printing at the pharmacy kiosk with an extension cord. The books are super easy to make and affordable. I've been doing Chatbooks since Adina was a few months old as a way to put our photos in albums instead of just living on my phone in digital space.

I was pretty backed up and running out of space on my phone so I finally got around to updating my Chatbooks and getting some more recent albums. I felt like a little girl waking up on my birthday when my package of new albums arrived! I shared my unboxing of the albums over on my Instagram page (you can take a look at the stories in my profile highlights.) You can do softcover and hardcover albums and they come in all different sizes. I made an album from Adina's first birthday party (only 8 months after it happened, but better late than never!) and I ordered 2 extra copies of it - one for each set of grandparents. (*Pro Tip: The albums make great gifts for friends and family!) Adina loves flipping through the albums and naming everyone in the photos. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I know that once baby #2 arrives, the pictures will only continue to grow, so I am thrilled that I have already started making these albums now. I can’t wait to show her photos of me when I was pregnant with her.

I'm excited to share a limited time discount code for my friends to get started! Use code ARIEL.LOVES to get your first Chatbooks for free! The code expires on Sunday October 14. Leave a comment of send me a message on Instagram if you have any questions about Chatbooks or the discount code. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Photos by Faryl Loew Photography