Adina's 11 Month Update!

This month FLEW by, and I can’t believe Adina is going to be one in a month! How did this happen? How do I have an almost one-year-old? What is it even like being a mom to a toddler? I just love watching her grow and seeing her personality develop more and more each day. Below are some milestones and memories from the past month:

Adina has figured out how to open drawers and cabinets. She tries to play with outlets, and anything plugged into them (especially phone and computer chargers.) Needless to say we have finally started to do some baby proofing around the house. Lately she’s been pulling things off of the shelves and out of cabinets. I love how curious she is, I just have to make sure to pay extra attention to the things she’s getting into!

She has always been friendly but this month she’s become very social. She loves to babble, wave, and say hi to anyone and everyone. When we’re walking in the stroller, she’ll grunt, shriek, and wave to everybody on the street. It cracks me up but many people wave back and tell her “hello!”

She’s been pulling herself up to stand on everything (the couch, the bed, my legs, the coffee table) and can balance with one hand. More often than not, I find her standing in her crib - even when she’s supposed to be sleeping!

-Spending Labor Day Weekend in Massachusetts with her grandparents

-Playdates in Prospect Park (and celebrating friends’ birthdays - Max, Miles, Sami, Henry, and Mila)

-Couch shopping in NJ and NY (and riding on a toy mechanical horse)

-Shabbat sing-along in the park

-Riding on Papa’s shoulders

-Celebrating her first Rosh Hashana in NJ and blowing the toy shofar

I just told Michael today that it’s hard to imagine, but every single day I just love her more and more. She is so fun to hang out with, knows how to make me crack up, and she keeps getting cuter even when I feel like it is impossible!

Here are some of the things we are using and loving this month!