Adina's 7 Month Update!

Adina turns 7 months old today and I can’t believe it! That means she closer to being a one year old than she is to a newborn! This girl needs to slow down because I am not ready for it! No, but really, we are loving watching her grow - she is getting more and more fun with age. Here’s an update about life with our growing gal at 7 months:

-Adina has started to [easily] roll front to back and back to front and she can be found rolling all over the place! I used to be able to put her down, walk away, and find her in generally the same place. Not anymore! I guess we’ll have to start baby-proofing soon.

-She can sit up on her own for a minute or 2. After that, she usually loses her balance and falls slowly to one side. She still needs some help getting into a seated position. Lately she’s been trying to pull herself up to sit. It looks like she is doing a baby sit-up!

-She laughs even louder and has become super smiley! Sometimes, she just laughs at me for no reason, and I laugh back, and she laughs, and we have these giggle fits, like an inside joke between only us.

-She has been sleeping through the night (8:30 PM – 7:00 AM) except for a few nights here and there and is pretty great with naps too!

-She’s tried so many new foods! A few new ones: mango, watermelon, banana, peanut butter, edamame, beets, chicken and beef. Meal time has gotten really messy but it is so much fun! (This might be TMI, but with all of these new foods, her poops have become totally unpredictable!)

-She is the most charming baby! I catch her smiling at random people all day, and then acting shy when they give her attention.

-Adina is wayyyy more vocal than she used to be, babbling all day long. It’s mostly open vowel sounds, but she’ll throw in a consonant here and there. She started doing this high pitched screech that sounds like a baby dinosaur and this other new noise that sounds like a little horse and it cracks us up!

-Lots of family time this month: we celebrated Adina’s (and my) first Mother’s Day at her great-grandmother’s home, she attended her cousin’s baby naming, we took her second international flight and vacation to Grand Cayman Island with her aunt and grandma, and we celebrated my birthday and Michael's birthday with family.

Adina is growing and changing at the speed of light! We’re mutually obsessed with each other (or at least I’d like to think so!) I love spending time with her and every funny little thing she does just makes me more grateful to be her mom.