Adina's 6 Month Update

Oh my goodness! I can hardly believe I’m writing Adina’s 6 Month Update! How is my little baby half a year old?! Time is flying too fast! She is full of personality and I love how more and more of her personality comes through each day. While on one hand, it seems like this little peanut was just born, it also feels like so long ago. As excited as I am for all the major milestones ahead, I hope it doesn’t go by quite as fast. I really want to cherish every moment with our sweet girl! Here’s a little update about life with our favorite little gal at 6 months:

-Stats: 17 lbs, 25.5 inches (She was 6.7 lbs, 19 inches at birth)

-Sleep has gotten way better! After the 4 month sleep regression hit (and hard!) we decided to explore sleep training. That could be its own whole other blog post! Adina now sleeps about 11 hours straight through the night! This past month she started sleeping in her crib and discovered that she loves to sleep on her belly. My favorite thing is when I see her on the baby monitor sleeping with her tush in the air! 

-This past month we also started introducing solid foods! So far we've tried peas, avocado, sweet potato and egg yolk. She gets really excited when we put her in her high chair and put her bib on and loves grabbing onto her spoon. 

-Adina started grabbing onto her feet and putting them in her mouth every chance she gets (especially during bath time and diaper changes.)

-We took her on the swings for the first time

-For the first part of this month, she stuck her tongue out at everything and everyone. Now you can find her sucking on her bottom lip. I'm pretty sure that teeth are not too far away!

-We celebrated Adina's first Passover with our families in MA and NJ and she went to her cousin's Bar Mitzvah.

-She's been way more interested in toys! I always make sure to have one of her "crunchy" books, a stuffed animal, and her baby teether ball with us. 

Life with Adina is so special and I feel lucky that I can be home with her. I love watching her process things and take new experiences in. She's getting to be so much fun! I’m looking forward to all her major milestones ahead, specifically crawling, walking and talking. I just hope it doesn’t go by too fast!

Love, Ariel