Adina's Newborn Photos

While I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to have professional newborn photos taken once Adina was born. After researching different newborn photographers, I came across Faryl Loew Photography and instantly knew I wanted to work with her. I loved how her style combined natural, candid lifestyle shots and posed photos of baby. Since Adina’s 18 month birthday last week, I’ve been feeling sentimental about how much she’s grown. I took a look at some pictures when she was first born and wanted to share her professional newborn photos with you.  


Adina was only 8 days old during the photoshoot and we had only been home from the hospital for 5 days. I loved that Faryl came to our home rather than us going into a photography studio, since she was barely a week old. It was the first time since giving birth that I put on “real clothes” (aka maternity leggings and a black top), put on some makeup, and wore my hair in a style other than a messy bun. Faryl shot the posed photos with the colorful swaddles and hair accessories first  (she had a huge selection that we could choose from!) and the more natural “lifestyle” photos next. She was truly a “baby whisperer” and worked her magic cto get Adina is the cutest positions, all while sleeping!


Faryl provided the swaddles, props, blankets, and accessories for the posed pictures. But I wanted to add a personal touch to the shoot. One of the outfits that we put Adina in was a sweater and bonnet that my great-grandmother, Grandma Tillie, crocheted before my oldest cousin was born. It has been worn by every newborn in our family for over 30 years. This was extremely special to me because we chose Adina’s middle name “Lila” after my maternal grandmother, Grandma Tillie’s daughter. Both Tillie and Lila crocheted their whole lives, and it means so much to share this piece of my family’s history with Adina.  

Even though it was the first week of November, the weather was beautiful! Michael suggested that we take some pictures outside and since it was warm enough, we actually ended up taking a few photos in front of our apartment. We hadn’t planned to take any outdoor pictures, but I’m so glad we did. The ones of us sitting on the stoop are some of my favorite photos of all time!

It is really hard to believe that Adina was every this tiny! When I look at these photos, it takes me back to that sleepless newborn period, just days after our lives changed forever. Life certainly wasn’t as perfect as these pictures make it look, but the photos capture this moment in our lives in such a special way. If you’re on the fence about taking newborn photos, my advice is to go for it! Babies grow and change so fast. It is true what they say - don’t blink, because before you know it they’re all grown up! Thank you Faryl for capturing these beautiful images. I truly cherish them.